‘The Animal Rescue and Adoption Agency, Inc.’ also known as TARAA, is a 501c3 non-profit no kill organization for the welfare and protection of animals. Founded by Jennifer A. Coscia in 2005, TARAA has rescued and placed into homes over 4,000 animals in need.” What makes TARAA different from many other rescues is that we rescue dogs and cats that are over-looked by other rescue groups. The animals with skin conditions or other health issues, such as heart worm deserve the chance to live and find their forever homes as much as the cute healthy adoptable animals. “Minor ailments like ringworm, are no reason to kill an animal as many kill shelters do,” says Coscia. TARAA rescues debilitated or sick animals, has them treated by their veterinarian and then put up for adoption. Primarily a ‘foster-care’ organization, TARAA has several foster families that volunteer their services by opening their homes to these very special animals.

These animals are shown every weekend at the Petco Marsh Landing from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please note that all animals are available for a donation to help TARAA cover their medical expenses. All animals come with a spay/neuter certificate (unless already completed), shots, wormings, flea treatment and depending on the animal, other treatments or medications. All TARAA's animals are adopted 'AS IS' and to the best of our knowledge these animals are healthy and ready to go to their 'Forever Homes'.

TARAA is always on the lookout for more volunteers. We need foster-care givers/homes, event volunteers, and Petco adoption day volunteers. For information on how you can help please contact TARAA at jaxtaraa@yahoo.com.

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*All surrender requests must be made through email. Please include all relevant information along with a picture.