Dog/Puppy Adoption Questionnaire
Your Name:                                                                                                  
Email:                                                                                            Phone #
Where do you live?      Apartment          House          Condo/Townhome/Duplex          Mobile Home
Do you?   Own       Rent - Name of rental complex and/or landlord -_________________________________
Is there a pet deposit required?     No      Yes - How much?                          Is it paid?     No          Yes 
Do you have a fenced yard?       No            Yes                    Invisible Fence?       No            Yes
My dog will primarily be an…      Inside dog                Outside dog
Do you currently have other pets?    If Yes - How Many? 
Dogs_______   Sex_______   Age_______   Years had_______  
Spayed/Neutered?       No             Yes    
Cats_______   Sex_______   Age_______   Years had_______
Spayed/Neutered?       No             Yes
If No - Have you had pets in the past?  
Dogs?          No            Yes    
Cats?           No            Yes    
Number of adults in your household?                  Children/Ages?
Does anyone in the family have allergies to pets?       No            Yes
How would you describe your household?    Very Busy        Busy        Moderate        Quiet        Very Quiet
Are you a student?       No            Yes
If Yes - Do you have roommates? 
How many hours a day will the dog normally be left alone?
Are you planning on crate training your dog?       No            Yes
If crate training, how many hours per day will they be crated? 
Do you have a vet?    No     Yes (name of vet/animal hospital) -
Are you interested in receiving information about future TARAA events?       No            Yes