Cat/Kitten Adoption Questionnaire
Your Name:                                                                                                  
Email:                                                                                            Phone #
Where do you live?      Apartment          House          Condo/Townhome/Duplex          Mobile Home
Do you?   Own       Rent - Name of rental complex and/or landlord -_________________________________
Is there a pet deposit required?     No          Yes - How much?                       Is it paid?     No         Yes 
For what purpose do you wish to adopt this cat/kitten?
House pet         Mouser         Companion         Companion for other pet         Gift (for) 
Do you plan on having your cat/kitten declawed?        No            Yes
Will this cat/kitten be allowed outside?                        No            Yes 
Do you currently have other pets?     If Yes - How Many?
Dogs_______   Sex_______   Age_______   Years had_______  
Spayed/Neutered?   No          Yes    
Cats_______   Sex_______   Age_______    Years had_______
Spayed/Neutered?   No          Yes
If No - Have you had pets in the past?  
Dogs?        No        Yes    
Cats?         No        Yes    
Number of adults in your household?                   Children/Ages?
Does anyone in the family have allergies to cats/kittens?       No        Yes
How would you describe your household?    Very Busy        Busy        Moderate        Quiet        Very Quiet
Are you a student?       No        Yes
If Yes - Do you have roommates?  
What will you do if your cat shows destructive behavior? _________________________________________
What will you do if your cat has problems with the litter box? ______________________________________
What specific traits are you looking for in a cat?   Quiet     Playful     Gets along with cats/dogs        Talkative     Lap cat     Enjoys being held     Other
Do you have a vet?    No     Yes (name of vet/animal hospital) -
Are you interested in receiving information about future TARAA events?        No          Yes